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This is my all time favourite

This is my all time favourite DBC Game. it was written by Danny Akuma, and I am very impressed by his knowledge of programming. the AI is excellent, and perfect for this game. i managed to get to the predator but seriously, this game is very hard. The sniper is probably the best weapon you have, but use it wisely, you don't have much ammo at all. You can use the radar to determine the route of the enemies and sneak up on them, then kill them with your fists. All in all, the perfect fps game!

Editor Review

This fps game bring back memories from when I started out in DB. No doubt one of the best DBC games when it was released, this mix of action and stealth has it all. You don't have much ammo, so although the sniper rifle is good fun, use it sparingly! Your fists are your best weapons, and don't attract the attention of other guards. The graphics are the only thing which let this game down, and maybe I'm just no good at it but I found it very hard! Note: Contains a lot of bad language.