Dumbow And Cool


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This is a truly enjoyable

This is a truly enjoyable game, with really great gameplay and cinematography. Even though the graphics won't blow you off you feet, the amount of polish everywhere alone makes it a treat to look at and to play. Unfortunately the main game is rather short, although there are quite a few time trial levels, and a cart racing minigame as well as a level editor is on the way in the next update. I recommend buying the full game, as this is a title that will stay with you for quite a while.

This game is proof that DB is

This game is proof that DB is capable of VERY nice platformers. The sound is very good in the game: I loved the things the Studes said! The atmosphere is top quality, and the concept unique and very nicely executed. The controls could be a bit better, but overall this game is awesome.

Editor Review

A wonderfully original game in which you play as two characters, Dumbo and Cool. Collect all the coins and free your friends from their cages on each of the bright, themed levels while avoiding the 'Studes' who captured all your friends in the first place. With countless nice touches from bees flying around to fishes swimming in the sea, this is another great game from Drew Cameron! Suitable for both young and old alike!