Helios Meheness


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Like all of Geecee3's games,

Like all of Geecee3's games, the graphics are breathtaking. The GUI is great too. The gameplay was good too, but I didn't enjoy it very much. I can't really describe why though, it just didn't keep me playing for a very long time.

I found the game initially a

I found the game initially a wee mite confusing, but that's mainly because I skipped the readme. A very nicely presented 3D graphical/2D gameplay, with an interesting concept as well as very nicely done graphics and sound. A bit more locational variety would be nice, but a game that makes one look forward to any future releases from this talented developer!

Editor Review

TGC team member Geecee3 does it again with an excellent sidescrolling arcade shooter. With 3D graphics and excellent special effects this game really deserves all the praise it's been getting. Looking forward to future releases!