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It's like asteroids on steroids, great game.

Editor Review

One of the greatest Dark BASIC games to date without question. An original, fast-paced 2D arcade game described as a "cross between Asteroids, Robotron and Paint Shop Pro"! Control the 'ship' with the mouse, blasting away at the coloured blobs floating about the screen leaving a coloured mark when destroyed. The ultimate aim is to completely change the screen from black to white (or vice-versa). With dozens of shooting modes and shields and mines to collect along the way, you'll be sure to find yourself hooked! A must download - especially for those looking for fresh challenges that will push them to the limits. Shooting aliens in colored bulbs may sound easy, but like poker, this game can be very appealing and exciting, not to mention addictive. First time players, may find this game addictive and spend tons of time with it. Ultimately, this game is considered as one of the all-time favorites and is appropriate for all ages - download it now and see for yourself why it is loved by so many!

Awesome, addicting,

Awesome, addicting, undescribable. Mono offers a fast-paced, adrenaline-rushing, brain-stunning chaos in which you must lead your 'ship' through the coloured blobs. Shoot a blob and it explodes, painting the background. Mix colors and try to color the entire background in the opposite of the starting color. A small percentage counter keeps track of your progress. Easy? Not in the least! I've been playing this game for so long that I'm ashamed that I haven't even once completed the 'Easy' mode. The number of enemy's increases, they start to shoot, steer, speed up depending on the background-color they pass. It takes tactics to get up to that 90% rating - and you get very little time to consider your tactics! Another plus is the music. It fits perfectly, it fits so good. A paranoid-making total chaos. The upgrades, pickups. Shield restores, spreadshot, weapon upgrades. Oh darn, those upgrades - they rule. Your weapons start to shoot more, in patterns, shielding you, taking out more and more. I'd like to warn anyone who wants to play this: You're gonna be addicted, you'll lose connection to the people around you. For short: this is one of the best games I've seen written in DarkBASIC, and probably one of the better arcade games ever.

Neither words nor pictures

Neither words nor pictures can quite describe this game. Playing it, there was not a single thing about it I didn't like, except that I had to stop eventually!

Simple, fun, addictive, and

Simple, fun, addictive, and aesthetically pleasing. This all describes Mono, a game made to test out a certain engine. The game pretty much sets itself right up as soon as you start, with no wasted time scrounging through messy menus or ugly watermarks. Simply beautiful. The gameplay is fantastic, allowing you to control direction of flight and attack with two different controls, allowing more freedom. Now this game is something of a new age Asteroids. You spend your time shooting rocks which crumple to smaller rocks, but there is a twist. When you kill an enemy, a pleasing color spray is left behind, and those color sprays have various effects, such as speeding the enemy up or causing them to shoot more frequently. This adds a nice bit of challenge to the game, forcing you to take strategy into account while playing what used to be a simple 2D shootup game. In all, the gameplay, simpleness, and beautiful colors make this game not only addictive, but very fun as well.