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One of the very best Dark

One of the very best Dark Basic titles ever created, Firewall is a strategy game. Even though strategy games weren't my cup of tea, this one demanded my time because of it's lovely graphics and effects, and then I grew to really love the gameplay too. One of my favourites.

Firewall - well, now, that's

Firewall - well, now, that's quite a story. You know what it is with Firewall? Everything is good. The graphics are good, the concept is good, the story is good. The interface, the robots, the involvement, the gameplay... everything is good. Virusses have invaded your PC, and you'll need to capture all of the memory (represented by squares) by hacking the enemy memory, posting new memory and wrecking the enemy drones trying to do the same. Sounds a bit static, doesn't it. Well, take a look at the above screenshot and think again. You'll often find yourself scrolling around, trying to outsmart the - again good - AI. The graphics are worth adressing again. The colors, explosions, UI - everything convinces you that you\'re in fact trying to save a computer from virusses. Then, what is my problem? Well, my problem is: everything is good, but nothing is really special! The good gameplay can get a bit repetive after a while. You'll find the building system too easy, the scoring unbalanced (the more memory have, the more you can build, for short, if you get an advantage, you have to walk away and do nothing for a while to lose it again). The addition of powerups and bases seem a forced way to take away the simplicity of playing. Loading times can be irritating, even on a high-end PC they seem to be quite long. Summarized: Firewall is a good game. But in my opinion, it is good and nothing more than good.

Although I like C&C style

Although I like C&C style RTS's better than this type of game, this is an exception. It is a very creative virus game with a lot of strategy needed. The graphics are stunning and the gameplay is very good, but I didn't like the campaign mode very much, where you controlled a unit. A very fun game.

Editor Review

Firewall is an action packed real time strategy game created in Dark Basic Classic. Viruses are invading your computer's memory, and it is up to you to fight them off and take back your computer. Use different units, bases and drones to defend your computer against the invading viruses. Excellent special effects!