Operation: Invasion Evasion


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Outstanding RTS game,

Outstanding RTS game, wonderful graphical effects and a quality example of what DBPro can do. It inspired me to make my own RTS game, so it must be pretty good!

A very well put together

A very well put together game. The graphics, sound, and textures complement each other very well. The levels are well designed, and the combat is well done. Of course, the most fun thing for me was using the jeep to run over enemies. The only irritating things are the speed at which your men move, and how hard the interface is to pick up on, for a gaming n00b. Otherwise, a great play!

This game was well made, and

This game was well made, and the graphics are good. I would like it alot better if there were more units on both sides, and needed more strategy, but it was still very fun. The controls are very strange, but it didn't take very long to get used to them.

Editor Review

An excellent 3D remake of the classic game 'Cannon Fodder'. Play in 8 levels both in the desert and in the snow, guiding your troops around to rid each level of the aliens. You can enter buildings, collect ammo and health items and even drive around in a jeep! The controls take some getting used to, but once you get the hang of them you'll find it to be a great game. Love the fishes swimming in the rivers too! Placed 5th in the 2004 Alienware sponsored competition.